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Restorative and cosmetic dentistry are the areas of dentistry that requires a great deal of communication with the patient and laboratory in order to create a successful outcome. As well as creating a technically excellent restoration, the resulting smile also has to be aesthetically excellent and reflect the desire of the patient for the ultimate and unique smile.

Many patients think that when they visit their dentist for restorative treatment they don't have a choice in the smile achieved at the end of the treatment. At Moira Dental Care we offer you a choice.

Veneers and crowns vary drastically in shape, colour, texture, and characteristics and even material. As well as taking the afore mentioned items into account we also look at the shape of the face, fullness of the lips and lower face height when treatment planning because external factors also impact on how a smile will look.

Once the detailed examination has taken place, the patient is then provided with a full written report of the different options discussed, along with their costs and the treatment length involved. We can also offer the patient a laboratory made provisional temporary restorations which preview the final result.

Mpira Dental Smile design

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