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Much More Than Just Examining Teeth

30 Jan 2013

Here at Moira Dental Care when our dentists perform a routine examination, they are doing so much more than checking your teeth for problems. During examination our dentists also monitor gum health and the health of the soft tissues in the mouth.

This is one of the many reasons that regular visits to the dentist are important, as it allows for early detection and intervention of any areas for concern. As you can imagine dentists are responsible for detecting the vast majority of oral cancers.

Regarding the teeth, they also benefit from regular examination, that any cavities are spotted early on and therefore dealt with while still small. If cavities are left undetected for too many months, or even years, this can mean very extensive and expensive treatments required.

There is an old saying "One stitch in time saves nine!"

This saying really is applicable in dentistry. Regular exams really do benefit the patient from the point of view of Oral Health and Wellbeing and financial benefits.

Here at Moira Dental Care we strive to achieve dental fitness for our patients, once this occurs, the emphasis is on maintenance. Regular examinations, professional cleaning and advice should keep everything in order.


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