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Moira Dental Care - Budgeting Plan

22 Oct 2012

Here at Moira Dental Care, some time ago we introduced a budgeting plan for patients, which proved to be extremely popular.

These types of plans vary from practice to practice. At Moira Dental Care you really are very well covered indeed. Unlike many other practices we cover ALL the treatment which you can have carried out at our premises (with the exception of purely cosmetic treatment). This includes, root canal treatment, x-rays and white fillings. Many practices only cover basic treatments under their scheme and charge separately for the more involved treatments and for emergency cover. We see all our plan patients for out of hours emergencies, here in familiar surroundings, rather than send you to wait for treatment at a hospital.

The only time we ask you to pay anything further than your small monthly fee is if a laboratory is involved and for example this could be as little as £90.00 for a privately made, beautifully aesthetic crown. If you were not on the scheme you would be facing a bill of approx £400.00 - £500.00.

So, for those of you already on the scheme, we can assure you it is still excellent value for money, without compromising your care.

For those of you who would like to join the scheme please contact reception for further details


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